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A&M Home Inspections Inc. is a Home Inspection company located in Port St. Lucie, FL servicing Florida’s Treasure Coast and surrounding areas. We specialize in complete Home Inspections, 4-Point Insurance Inspections, Wind Mitigations, Roof Certifications, Condo Inspections, Pre-Drywall Inspections for new construction. Buying a new home or property is one of the most significant financial decisions to be made in your life. Make confident decisions supported by our detailed reports and information provided to you, our client. A&M Home Inspections works for you, our customer support and fair prices will make it easy to be happy with your new home.

Pre-purchase and Pre-sale Home Inspections

Buy your new home with confidence supported by highly detailed reports filled with vital information on the subject property. We use the latest tools and equipment available in the industry including thermographic analysis of critical components in and around the home. These reports are full of clear and comprehensive information along with color photos. Our reports have led to price reductions from sellers and lay the groundwork for your negotiating terms. A safe home and long-term savings are a priority.

Pre-Drywall Inspections for New Home Construction

Protect your investment and rest easy knowing your family is in a safe, quality-built home. All home builders use sub-contractors to install and commission the critical components of the home. This is the opportunity to reveal workmanship and integrity of the build materials. Deficiencies are more difficult to identify and fix after the dry in phase. Hire an independent inspector of your own.

4-Point Insurance Inspections

4-Point inspections are required by most insurance companies in Florida for continued coverage and policy renewals. These focus on the integrity of 4 critical topics that are vital to the home. The Electrical system, HVAC, Plumbing and the Roof. These reports are excellent for peace of mind and keeping up to date on maintenance needs. Most insurance companies will not accept reports that are older than 6 months.

Wind Mitigation Reports

When it comes to Florida weather, all homeowners must be prepared for any possible windstorm and tropical activity that may affect their home. There may be no way to better prepare your home than with a proper wind mitigation inspection. These services analyze the construction features to consider how they would fare in hurricanes or windstorms. Wind mitigation inspections can improve the premiums on your insurance policies, particularly in cases where you have add-ons and features that can reduce the amount of damage inflicted on a property. This can range from anything like hurricane straps, impact rated shutters and impact rated windows. We can point out wind mitigation features that can help you in the long-term for savings for both your property and insurance premiums.




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