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Mold Assessment & Testing

Think you may need a mold inspection? If you suspect any of the following conditions, there is good reason for a Mold Assessment and/or Testing.


• Past or present moisture intrusion, leak or water damage?

• Visible discoloration or staining of walls, ceilings, floors, clothes, or curtains?

• Strange or musty odors and smells?

• Elevated allergenic reactions in areas of the home or business?

• Unexplained illnesses or feelings of sickness sometimes referred to as SBS Sick Building Syndrome?


We use air sampling, surface testing, thermal imaging and other moisture detection devices to detect mold and water intrusion issues.


Mold is a serious issue affecting the health of many with and without preexisting medical conditions. If a problem is suspected do not delay, have it tested today! Our select labs offer fast turnaround results and reports.

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